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 +====== Account Types ======
 +===== Administration =====
 +Administrator accounts can perform the following primary activities:
 +  * Account Administration - add and remove, reset passwords
 +  * Group Administration - create and delete groups
 +  * Students - add and remove from the site
 +  * Reports - review historic data 
 +  * System Configuration - set system defaults
 +===== Classroom =====
 +Classroom accounts are used to display end of day information to students. Classroom accounts also have the following features:
 +  * Roster - add and remove students from classroom roster (from list of existing students on the site)
 +  * Student Configuration - update name spelling, change carpool number, manage student inclusion in after school groups
 +  * Daily Participation - designate students not being dismissed for the current day
 +  * Departure - designate that a student has left the classroom en route to final departure
 +  * Set Scope of Information - classroom staff may designate which students they will monitor at the end of the day
 +    * Regular Classroom
 +    * Additional Classroom(s)
 +    * Additional Individual Students
 +    * Only specific students
 +===== Dismissal =====
 +Dismissal staff work directly at the point of student hand off. These persons enter events as they occur - parent arrival, van arrival, group proctor arrival, etc. - and may also record the actual loading of the students into vehicles.

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