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 +====== Dismissal Staff Example Introduction Letter======
 +===== Instructions =====
 +Replace the <color magenta>magenta</color> text with the appropriate values for your school.
 +===== Letter =====
 +Dear dismissal staff:
 +All student dismissal information will now be communicated electronically using Silent Dismissal. 
 +The manner in which you enter information will greatly affect the overall dismissal process.
 +At the end of the day, you will need to perform the following steps:
 +  - Sign in to the service at http:%%//%%<color magenta>schoolcode.dismissalserver</color>.com
 +    - Your User ID is of the format <color magenta><first initial><last name> in lower case</color>
 +    - Your initial password is <color magenta><last name in lower case></color>
 +    - The school code is <color magenta><school code></color> 
 +**Car Line Entry**
 +  - Determine which view you prefer to use based upon your device type. Typically //Keypad// is used on a mobile phone.  
 +  - Select the departure location for which you are entering information
 +  - Enter numbers a rate that corresponds to the rate at which children are being loaded into vehicles
 +    - __This is extremely important__: You must position yourself upstream in the car line such that the arrival time of the students to the loading area matches the time at which the vehicle also arrives at the loading position. Entering numbers faster will slow down the dismissal process by having too many children in the loading area. 
 +    - The typical process at the end of the day is to enter the numbers of all of the cars currently parked in the loading position along with an equal number of cars upstream of the load position, i.e., the loading area holds <color magenta><number of cars></color> so only <color magenta><twice the previous number></color> numbers should be entered initially. Then remain in that location to enter additional numbers as the cars pass by. It will generally take approximately three days to determine the ideal location for entering numbers.
 +**Car Line Loading**
 +  - Select the //Location Load// view. The oldest entries will appear at the top of the screen as this should correspond to the order in which children will depart the building.
 +  - As children depart the building, click on the //Load// button to indicate that the children have left the school. As children are marked as loaded, the names will be removed from the list on the next screen refresh.
 +**Group Departure**
 +Group departure includes any group of students which leave the school together. This may be for a daycare van, a bus, students who walk home, or students who leave "school" to begin after care.
 +  - Select the //Group Dismissal// view then select the group name from the list on the left to call the students
 +  - Select the //Group Load// view, then select the specific group name from the drop down list on the top right
 +  - Student names will appear on the list in alphabetical order with an indicator as to whether or not the student has left their classroom
 +  - As students arrive at the group location, designate the students with the //Load// button. Loaded students will be removed from the list on the next screen refresh
 +  - If a student is confirmed as __not__ participating in the group for the day, designate the student with the //Clear// button
 +Messages may be sent to a classroom, to all classrooms that have students as group members, or the entire school by using the view //Messages//
 +**Parent Tracking**
 +Parent behavior may be tracked by using the //Tracking// view. Enter the associated carpool number then select the corresponding infraction from the list
 +**End of Carpool**
 +After dismissal has ended for the day, select the //Tools / Exit// menu option.

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