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 +====== Group Bulk Load ======
 +A large number of groups and even locations and preset messages may be created at one time.
 +When these groups are created, they default to black text without the auto dismissal set for any day, but they may be individually edited to change these defaults.
 +===== Spreadsheet =====
 +Create a spreadsheet with a list of groups to be created. The first column is a code identifier for the type of group to be created and the second column is the name of the group.
 +The group names may only contain upper and lower case letters, spaces, and numbers.
 +Available options for the Group Type Code:
 +  * p - Carpool - a student carpool group with a numeric value of 5000 or higher
 +  * c - Club - any generic club
 +  * d - Date - a group to which students may be assigned for a specific date of inclusion
 +  * a - After Care 
 +  * i - Immediate - a group for which members will be shown in the classrooms prior to normal dismissal
 +  * b - Bus - school buses which may be optionally shown on the top row of the classroom display
 +  * v - Daycare Van - may be optionally shown on the second row of the classroom display
 +  * w - Walking
 +  * t - Tutoring
 +  * o - Other - any other group or conglomeration of students that doesn't fit well into one of the previously listed categories
 +  * m - message - preset message text which may be sent to the entire school with repeatedly typing
 +  * l - location - the name of a physical location that students' will be dismissed to such as car line, back door, main office, media center
 +  * z - zone location - the name of a set of zone positions for dismissal that are entered in aggregate
 +===== Load Page =====
 +Copy the first two columns of the spreadsheet then paste into the input field. Finally, press the **Submit** button.
 +===== Load Results =====
 +Following the load process, you will be presented with the results.

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