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 +====== Group List ======
 +The Group List page lists all of the groups that have been configured for the school. Each column of data contains the following information.
 +===== Group Type =====
 +A text description of the [[admin:group_edit#group_type|type of group]]. Click on this value to show only groups of this listed type.
 +===== Group Name =====
 +The name given to the group. This name is set by the school and may be changed at any time. Click on this value to edit the group.
 +===== Color =====
 +The color that the group name text will be displayed throughout the application.
 +===== Roster =====
 +The number of students assigned to the group. This does not include the days that student names will appear. It is possible to have a student assigned to a group but not set to display any day of the week.
 +===== Location =====
 +This is the default location that will appear after the group name when displayed. For example, a group may be named **Chess Club** with a default location of **Media Center**. When this group is called, it will appear in the classroom as **Chess Club to Media Center** and the words **Chess Club** will appear in their defined color and the words **Media Center* will appear in their defined color.
 +If no location is set, then when the group is called it will simply display as **Chess Club** in the assigned color.
 +===== Days of the Week =====
 +Each of the seven days of the week appear with either a time value or the word //No//. If a time value is displayed, then that group will automatically be called on that day of the week at the specified time. If the work //No// appears, then the group will only be called in response to a specific click from a dismissal user.

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