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 ===== By Group ===== ===== By Group =====
 +In some circumstances it may be necessary to enter many student overrides into the same group. An example of this is a group  that children are selected daily to be a member such as a special activity. 
 +==== Selecting the Group ====
 +Setting overrides for a group in this manner may only be done for the current day by selecting one of the two icons in the right column.
 +{{ :admin:override_by_group.png?direct&600 |}}
 +If such a group has a pool of 30 students but on any given day the section may accommodate only 8 students then all 30 students may be associated to the group as optional students and then only the 8 selected students may be overridden into the group. For these instances, the icon of the hand pointing down is selected, which produces a list of only those students with some form of association to the group.
 +When a group needs to have students overridden into the group from within the entire student body, select the right pointing hand icon which then provides a list of every student in the school.
 +==== Selecting the Students ====
 +Irrespective of which of the icons is selected, the screen will look similar to this example.
 +{{ :admin:student_override_by_group.png?direct&600 |}}
 +  - Buttons at the top
 +    - **Some** - this will select all students that do not have an existing override for the current day
 +      - Note the values in the //Current// column to see the current setting for each student for the current day
 +    - **All** - this will selected all of the students listed below
 +    - **Clear** - this will clear any check boxes currently set
 +      - Note that this does not clear overrides of students set for the current group
 +        - To clear the overrides it is necessary to edit the students individually then by selecting either //No Daily Override// or by changing an existing override into a new group
 +  - Right column check boxes
 +    - Set checkboxes adjacent to each student to be overridden into the group for the current day
 +    - Click on the //Override// button at the bottom of the page 

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