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 +====== Parent Tracking ======
 +Silent Dismissal provides an efficient method for staff to define categories of actions by parents then allow staff to log these transgressions in a simple way.
 +===== Tracking Items =====
 +Tracking items can cover the entire range of behaviors to monitor, including parking, driving, or information display.
 +Create as many or as few entries as desired; name them in a way so that they sort for easy access by staff.
 +Once created, items may not be removed due to historic records, but may be made inactive.
 +{{ :admin:admin_parenttracking.jpg?700|Creating Tracking Topics}}
 +===== Tracking Entry =====
 +Tracking entry is performed by Dismissal Staff by entering a carpool number in the input field then selecting the appropriate reason.
 +{{ :admin:dismissal_-_parent_tracking.jpg?700|Entering Tracking Data}}
 +===== Track Reporting =====
 +The parent tracking report is accessible by administrators and shows in detail the date and time for each behavior report along with the person making the report.
 +{{:admin:admin_-_parent_tracking_report.jpg?700 |Reviewing Tracking Reports}}

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