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 ====== Preset Messages ====== ====== Preset Messages ======
 +Preset Messages allow a recurrent message to be displayed in all classrooms. This may be accomplished by either manually invoking the message from a dismissal account or by configuring the message to automatically display at a regularly scheduled time by day of the week.
 ===== Menu Navigation ===== ===== Menu Navigation =====
-Groups / Preset Message+To add, edit, or delete a preset message navigate to: 
 +  Groups / Preset Message
 ==== Alternate Navigation ==== ==== Alternate Navigation ====
-none+There are no alternate navigation options to manage preset messages.
 ===== Fields ===== ===== Fields =====
 +The following data elements are used to configure preset messages
 ==== Message Text ==== ==== Message Text ====
 +This is the information that will be displayed on classroom screens and will be available for viewing by parents via their respective interfaces.
 ==== Text Color ==== ==== Text Color ====
 +This is the color that the text will appear on screen. Evaluate text color chosen to ensure that it is legible on a white background.
 ==== Automatically Post ==== ==== Automatically Post ====
 +  * Fields are available to set a specific time for display by day of the week. 
 ===== File Name ===== ===== File Name =====
 admin_preset_edit.php admin_preset_edit.php

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