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Revision History

Updates to Silent Dismissal by version number.



  • Updated student selection routine for mobile app to ensure that students who have left the school will not corrupt the JSON to the parent mobile app



  • Changed terminology from Carpool ID to Pick Up ID when not referring to a carpool group



  • Added support for laser labels for parent tags


  • Updated server side communication for Android to support Firebase



  • Updated bus list student tags for student name alignment to allow longer student names to print on a single line without intersecting color bar
  • Modified menu to move when page scrolls to stay at top of current view



  • Modified student override modal window behavior to provide immediate feedback and to instruct parents to retry operation if it does not complete in 30 seconds. Additionally restructured system calls to close modal window and refresh student data to overcome issue encountered with Chrome browser

Extended Care Supervisor

  • Correct faulty end of header row tag on student check in page to reenable table sorting



  • Set location to suppress alert pop up


  • Suppress Pop Up for designated locations


  • Provide support for parents to opt out of transaction e-mail notifications while retaining e-mail notifications for manually entered messages and student profile changes



  • Ensure that override date defaults to current date for users with cached versions of web page
  • Fully validate the date entered, e.g., 2017-02-29 defaults to current date


Commented out no-transform header across all roles to correct system wide internal server error



  • Corrected formatting error on student edit page for schools that do not have ECL


  • Special handling for mobile app interface when no students are assigned to a classroom



  • Override students into a group. Groups / List All, Override Column
  • Home page list of overrides and not participate reformatted
  • Designate a location as an immediate location for classroom display
  • Automatically remove student inclusion in extended care when license expires
  • Support school based student ID reference value in student record
  • Student Edit Page
    • Link to individual student transaction records
    • Link to individual extended care transaction records
  • Corrected error for student list for students with last name beginning with A
  • QR Codes for pick up tags
  • Revised terminology from Carpool ID to Pick Up ID
  • Better handling of student names that include an apostrophe
  • Support B day roster assignment
  • Report students assigned to multiple groups for same day of the week
  • Add and remove parents from student association
  • Add and remove student associations from parent accounts
  • Extended license calculation to include temporary licenses
  • View location boundaries in Google Maps
  • Updated School settings
    • Collapsible sections
    • Set parent notification alert events
  • Future dated overrides
  • Manage parent web links
  • Selected bus stop added to export file
  • Morning arrival / tardy / absent with one click parent notification
  • Unassign students from multiple groups on a single screen


  • Support immediate location types
  • Updated load location and load group screens to show time of event and students already loaded
  • Server changes to support upcoming staff mobile app
  • Name matrix dismissal view
  • Parent notifications processed following student data update for better response for staff
  • Improved pick up ID evaluation
    • Evaluate each student individually
    • modal details available
    • pop up for errors
    • server processing dialog
    • optionally require server response
  • Morning arrival


  • Morning Check In


  • Improved parent notifications
    • Native Apple Push Notifications for iOS users
    • E-mail notification for parents without app, user opt out
    • Aggregate messages affecting multiple students
  • View student daily assignment and override history
  • List of students in app in alphabetical order
  • Future dated overrides
  • Display web links
  • Group Type prepended to group messages

Extended Care

  • Display records for students no longer enrolled at the school
  • Automatically remove student inclusion in extended care when license expires
  • Revenue totals added to daily report
  • Retroactive discount



  • List of current day student reminder prompts on home page
  • Revised Student Edit Page
    • Direct Links to Student Transaction Reports
    • Add or Edit current day student prompt
    • Included full student code for parents in edit section
  • Restored classroom name on car tags in parent connection section
  • Created Student Pick Up Delta report over date range



  • Revised Student Tags to include QR codes for pick up IDs and list of students to be associated with mobile app
  • Revised Student Book Bag Tags to include individual student QR codes
  • Restored printing of student names and classroom on body of car tags



  • Remove all students from a classroom roster
  • Book bag tag select by classroom
  • Create bus stops


  • Name Matrix


  • Bug Fixes
  • Bus stop selection




Admin - new group student default add by grade level


Parent - corrections for mobile app interface


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