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 +====== Security Limit Exceeded ======
 +Persons attempting to access the service will receive the message "Security Limit Exceeded. Please Contact Local Administrator" when more than a preset number of attempts to access an account occur with an incorrect password. As an Internet based service, this locking feature prevents a brute force attempt to guess an account password by disabling access.
 +===== Clearing the Security Lockout =====
 +The security lock out may be cleared for any account by any local administrator by performing the following steps:
 +  - Sign in using an administrator account
 +  - Navigate to Accounts / List
 +  - Select the account by clicking the Last Name value for the account
 +  - On the account edit page that appears, enter a password into the password field
 +  - Press Save
 +The account password will be changed to the newly entered value and the security limit will be reset.

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