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 +====== Post Message ======
 +The post message screen allows for free form and preset messages to be posted by an administrator.
 +===== Preset Messages =====
 +  * Preset message appear on the right side of the screen. 
 +  * Click on the preset message text to post the message.
 +  * Preset messages may only be posted one time per day and are always sent to all classrooms.
 +  * Preset messages are not sent to parents
 +  * Preset messages may be added, deleted, or changed by going to Menu: **GROUPS / PRESET MESSAGE**
 +===== Post Message =====
 +The //Post Message// area is used to create a free form message that will be posted in one or more classrooms and may optionally be sent to parents. Parents will receive the message as either an app notification on a mobile phone or as an e-mail message if they do not have a current mobile phone //All Access// pass.
 +==== Message Scope ====
 +The //Message Scope// is used to select which students are notified when the message is posted. The scope options are:
 +  - Entire School
 +  - A specific group
 +  - A specific classroom
 +  - A single student (available from student edit page)
 +  - A single parent (available from the parent overview page)
 +**Notes About Scope**
 +=== Specific Group ===
 +  * Each group message in prepended with the type of group and the group name. For example: Bus 714, Athletics 6th Grade Soccer. It is not necessary to include this information in the body of the message
 +  * The //Specific Group// scope includes every student that is assigned to the group for any day of the week or as an optional student not specifically assigned to any day of the week. The reason behind this is that it may be necessary to inform students / parents about something happening on a future date for the group, not just the current day. 
 +  * When posting a message that applies to a future date, it is good practice to include reference details such as: Cancelled Friday Feb 3
 +=== Classroom ===
 +  * Classroom scope is determined solely on student regular classroom assignment on "A" days. If your school uses an alternating A/B schedule or specific day of the week schedule, be advised that messages to classrooms only reflect the primary student classroom assignment.
 +=== Message Text ===
 +The //Message Text// is the content that will be displayed in the classroom. When a message for either the entire school or a classroom is displayed in the classroom, only the message text is displayed. When the message scope is for a group, the classroom display will prepend the message text with the group type followed by the group name.
 +=== Send to Parent ===
 +The //Send to Parent// check box may be used to send the message to the parents of the children within the selected scope.
 +Unlike the classroom display, messages sent to parents are always prepended with the message scope:
 +  * Schoolwide Message
 +  * Class Message
 +  * <Group Type> <Group Name>
 +  * Individual Message - when a message is sent to only one person; this is not available from this messaging screen
 +Messages to parents also include the name of the person who posted the message based upon the account credentials used to post the message. This is displayed at the end of the message in square brackets.
 +Parents to be notified are based upon the students within the scope of the message being sent, so a parent may receive the same message content repeated with different student names, but all within the same message. For example, if two students are in a group receiving a message the parent may receive a message like this: 
 +Tommy Brown: Athletics Soccer Practice will end early at 4:30 PM today [John Smith] Steven Brown: Athletics Soccer Practice will end early at 4:30 PM today [John Smith]
 +//Some students within the scope may not have any parent accounts associated.// When a message is posted, each student is evaluated for at least one parent account. Any students without a parent account associated will be listed at the top of the page when the message is posted. This information may be copy-and-pasted into another document for reference to ensure that the parents of those students are informed of the message.

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