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 +====== Testing and Training Instructions ======
 +In order to run a test, there may be an initial step required and / or a post test step.
 +====== Prework ======
 +For the test to be effective, the student information should appear in the classrooms. Depending upon the time of the day that the test is run it may be necessary to explicitly instruct the server to display the dismissal information. There are two methods that may be used to accomplish this goal.
 +If the test is performed after the time currently set as the dismissal display time then this step may be omitted.
 +  * Option 1: As admin
 +    * Go to Tools / School Settings
 +    * Expand the section titled **Time Settings**
 +    * Change the values in the **Dismissal Display** field to a time prior to the current time
 +    * Click the //Save All Settings// button
 +  * Option 2: As dismissal
 +    * Go to Tools / Dismiss Early
 +      * This option is a toggle. If two or more persons are attempting to use this feature simultaneously then be mindful that each click is alternating between showing the student information and hiding the student information
 +====== Perform the Test ======
 +Test the service by entering parent pick up IDs and / or by dismissing groups.
 +====== Post Work ======
 +If the test is being performed on a day in which students will need to be actually dismissed, then two separate post test steps must be performed.
 +===== Reset Dismissals =====
 +As admin, navigate to Tools / Reset Dismissals. 
 +This operation will clear all pick up number entry and group dismissals.
 +It will not clear 
 +  * Existing student overrides
 +  * Student reminder prompts
 +  * System Messages
 +===== Change Display Status =====
 +Depending upon the method used to allow student names to be displayed, the opposite operation must be performed.
 +  * If the display was invoked by changing the global display time, then revert to the proper time on the Admin: Tools / School Settings -> Time Settings then clicking on //Save All Settings//
 +  * If the display was invoked by a dismissal staff account by using the **Dismiss Early** option then click this option again to clear the early display

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