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Daycare Van Group Type

The daycare van group type is used to define offsite daycare service providers that pick up students from the school at the end of the school day. It may also be used for other types of offsite services such as martial arts academies or gymnastic studios that pick up students from the school.

The name of the group usually corresponds to the name of the service provider such as Happy Kids Daycare or Gymnastics Plus.

Classroom Banner

It is possible to display a list of all daycare vans that have been called for dismissal at the top of each classroom display. Only an administrator may enable this list and the setting applies to all classrooms. This option may be enabled on the Menu: Tools / School Settings page.

When enabled, the daycare van list will display the most recently called daycare van at the beginning of the list followed in order by each previously called daycare van. The text color of the daycare van name will correspond to the color defined for each specific daycare van group.

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