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 ====== Alternate Method ====== ====== Alternate Method ======
-This is the method in which all or most of the current data is removed+Using this methodall or the majority of current data is deleted from your school's databaseIt should be reloaded in bulk, similar to the process of initial data load, mentioned in this page of the wiki. Please refer back to this page to assure your school's staff and student spreadsheet data is correct and will load properly. 
-  - Tools Unassign Classroom - remove all student associations to the classrooms + 
-  - Tools Delete Unassigned - removes all students from the database +**__NOTE__:** //The following actions are permanent and cannot be undone.// 
-  - Accounts List - click the check mark at the top of the page to select all other accounts, scroll to the bottom of the page then click the //Deleted Selected// option to remove all staff accounts + 
-  - Reports / Parents Account List [optional] click the red X adjacent to each parent account to delete the account +These steps must be performed by a //Local Admin// account: 
-  - Follow the steps on the [[admin:checklist]] to [[admin:creating_accounts|create accounts]] and [[admin:load_data#student|load students]] ensuring that the [[admin:spreadsheet_file_format|spreadsheet file format]] is correct. +  - Select **TOOLS** **UNASSIGN CLASSROOM**, then on the directed web page select All [# of students] from the drop-down menu labeled "Scope to Unassign" and enter the code word provided to authorize the mass unassign  
 +    * This action will remove all student classroom associations and will prompt all students in your database to become members of the "Unassigned" student group 
 +  - Select **TOOLS** **DELETE UNASSIGNED**, review the information to assure 100% of student records will be deleted, and enter the code word to authorize the deletion of "Unassigned" students 
 +    * This action will remove all students belonging to the "Unassigned" student group 
 +  - Select **ACCOUNTS** **LIST**, then click the check mark in the top left corner of the table, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Delete Selected
 +    * This step will delete all of the selected staff accounts, excluding the local admin account you are currently logged into 
 +  - [//optional//Select **REPORTS** / **PARENTS ACCOUNT LIST** then click the <color red>**X**</color> adjacent to each parent account to delete the account 
 +  - Collect relevant data for bulk loading of staff and student accounts. Review the steps on the [[admin:checklist]] to [[admin:creating_accounts|create accounts]] and [[admin:load_data#student|load students]] ensuring that the [[admin:spreadsheet_file_format|spreadsheet file format]] is correct. 

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