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 +====== Alternating Weekday Rosters ======
 +For some schools, classes that meet throughout the week may have alternating rosters while sharing the same Classroom staff. To create the appropriate roster for this circumstance,​ please follow these steps:
 +  - From a //Local Admin// account, select **TOOLS** / **SCHOOL SETTINGS** and locate the "​Classroom Settings"​ section
 +  - Verify you have the A/B Schedule set to "​No"​ and click "Save All Settings"​ at the bottom of the page
 +  - Select **ACCOUNTS** / **LIST** and click on the value in the "User ID" column to swap to the //​Classroom//​ account with the class roster you would like to edit
 +  - Select **STUDENTS** / **ROSTER** and click the check-boxes next to the students you wish to add for your __Monday__ and __Wednesday__ classes then click on the green "Add Selected Students"​ button
 +  - Select **STUDENTS** / **DAILY**, under __Tuesday__,​ __Thursday__,​ and __Friday__ select the radio button labeled "​Specific Students"​ and click the check-boxes next to students to be added to the respective weekday rosters
 +  - When your students have been assigned to the class roster for the specific weekdays, scroll down until you reach the green "​Save"​ button and click it 

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