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 +====== Alternating Weekday Rosters ======
 +For some schools, classes that meet throughout the week may have alternating rosters while sharing the same Classroom staff. To create the appropriate roster for this circumstance, please follow these steps:
 +  - From a //Local Admin// account, select **TOOLS** / **SCHOOL SETTINGS** and locate the "Classroom Settings" section
 +  - Verify you have the A/B Schedule set to "No" and click "Save All Settings" at the bottom of the page
 +  - Select **ACCOUNTS** / **LIST** and click on the value in the "User ID" column to swap to the //Classroom// account with the class roster you would like to edit
 +  - Select **STUDENTS** / **ROSTER** and click the check-boxes next to the students you wish to add for your __Monday__ and __Wednesday__ classes then click on the green "Add Selected Students" button
 +  - Select **STUDENTS** / **DAILY**, under __Tuesday__, __Thursday__, and __Friday__ select the radio button labeled "Specific Students" and click the check-boxes next to students to be added to the respective weekday rosters
 +  - When your students have been assigned to the class roster for the specific weekdays, scroll down until you reach the green "Save" button and click it 

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