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 +====== Daily Participation ======
 +When Daily Participation is used throughout the school, all persons involved in the dismissal process have all of the necessary information to facilitate all student operations.
 +The Daily Participation screen only takes a few seconds each day to use properly. Once you understand what the display means and how it works, operation is simple.
 +===== Understanding the Display Columns=====
 +The sample display image of the Daily Participation screen provides an excellent example to illustrate what all of the information means.
 +==== First Column ====
 +The first column is counter of the students on the class roster.
 +{{ :classroom:classroom_participation.jpg?500|}}
 +==== P A E ====
 +The buttons P, A, and E correspond to the student status at the end of the day.
 +**P** stands for Participating. This indicates that the student is present in the school during normal dismissal.
 +**A** stands for Absent. This indicates that the student is not present and will not be participating during normal dismissal. This student will not appear on any dismissal screens, either in the classroom or for dismissal staff.
 +**E** stands for Early Departure. This indicates that a student has left the school prior to normal dismissal. Operationally this works the same as being absent - student will not appear on any dismissal screens, either in the classroom or for dismissal staff - but is used to distinguish a student who was present in class for a portion of the day.
 +**Explicit Override / Clear** If a student is designated as absent or early departure, any existing settings for an explicit dismissal method will be cleared. Changing the student back to Participating will **NOT** restore the explicit dismissal settings.
 +==== Status ====
 +The status column is a color coded indicator as to whether or not a student is participating for the day. The indicator matches the setting in the PAE columns. Clicking these buttons does not perform any action.
 +==== Last Name ====
 +The page is initially loaded in alphabetical order by last name. These entries may be clicked through to the [[classroom:Edit student]] page for each student.
 +==== First Name, Grade, Carpool ====
 +The next three columns show reference information for each student. The grade value displayed is the value assigned to the student, not to the classroom.
 +==== Dismissal Groups ====
 +These values show each dismissal group that a child is a member, whether or not they are set to dismiss from the group on any day under normal circumstances. Sometimes a child may be assigned to a group without being set to dismiss normally on any day of the week only for the purpose of being explicitly assigned on specific days.
 +==== Explicit ====
 +The **Explicit** column on the far right of the Daily Participation table will either have a circular check mark icon or words.
 +If the circular icon is displayed, then no specific designation has been made for the student for the day.
 +If a designation has been made, then the text will indicated the designation. The options are:
 +  * Carpool Only - the student name will be displayed only when their normal carpool or any carpool group number 5000 or higher is entered
 +  * Alt: 99 - where 99 is a numeric value. When this is displayed, the student name will only appear on the display when the listed carpool number is entered
 +  * Group Name - when a group name is displayed, the child will appear only when the group is called, even if the child is listed as not participating in that group for the current day of the week, the child will be displayed when that group is called
 +===== Understanding Display Rows=====
 +Row 1 : In this row, the student is designated as **A**bsent. This child will not appear on any display during dismissal.
 +Row 2: This child has an explicit setting of //Happy Kids// for the day, and in the Dismissal Groups column this child is not normally called for //Happy Kids// except on Mondays. With an explicit designation, even if the day of the week is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, this student will be dismissed when //Happy Kids// is called on this day and will not be dismissed for any other reason.
 +Row 3: This child has been designated as **E**arly Departure. This child will not appear on any display during dismissal.
 +Row 4: This child is listed as //Carpool Only//. This child will not be dismissed when the //Hippo// bus is called; this child will be dismissed only when carpool number 18 is entered.
 +Row 5: This child is listed with an alternate carpool number of 99 for the day. This child will appear for dismissal only when carpool number 99 is entered.
 +Row 6: This child is explicitly listed for //Jump Rope Club//. Even if carpool number 13 is entered, this child will appear on the dismissal list only for the //Jump Rope Club//.
 +Row 7: This child does not have an explicit dismissal method set for the day. This child will appear on the dismissal list and be moved to the top of the list in the classroom when any of the dismissal methods are called, including: carpool number 16, //Hippo// bus, //Jump Rope Club//, and //3rd Grade Walkers//. It will be the responsibility of either the student or the classroom monitor to know which method applies for the day and to appropriately press the **Depart** indicator when leaving the classroom, and pressing **Clear** indicator for other dismissal methods for which the child is not participating on this day.

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