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 +====== Entering Zone Information ======
 +Each zone location will appear in the drop down list of locations on the //Desktop//, //Keypad//, and //Matrix// entry pages. When a carpool number is entered from one of those views to a zone location the carpool number will be processed immediately upon entry.
 +===== Dedicated Zone Entry Page =====
 +To queue a number of carpool numbers for later processing as a group, go to the Zone view. This page will list all of the zones defined - often only a single zone. Select that zone by right clicking on a computer or long pressing on a mobile device to choose //Open Link In New Tab//.
 +This process may be used repeatedly to open multiple zone entry tabs for data entry.
 +The data entry page will have a separate input field for each zone location defined for your school. Enter one or more carpool numbers into each zone location field. Different numbers may be separated by any non-numeric character including space, the decimal point, or any other character that is convenient. For example each of these is equivalent for dismissing number ten, fifteen, and twenty to the same zone location:
 +  * 10 15 20
 +  * 10.15.20
 +  * 10*15*20
 +  * 10a15b20
 +When the entered numbers should be processed, such as when another wave of students should be called, press the **Process** button on that page. All of the numbers entered on that page will be processed and the results of the processing will be shown at the bottom of the screen.
 +Once processed that page may be used to enter another wave of numbers or may be closed and a different page used for the next wave.

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