Information for using Silent Dismissal


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 ====== Extended Care ====== ====== Extended Care ======
 +===== Process Work Flow =====
 +[[extended:drop_in_work_flow|Drop In Only]]
 +[[extended:scheduled_work_flow|Reservation and Drop In]]
 ===== Group Types  ===== ===== Group Types  =====
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 [[extended:student_check_in|Student Check In]] [[extended:student_check_in|Student Check In]]
 +===== Pre Select vs. Drop In=====
 +Schools that use drop in for extended only need to set create the extended care groups.. Schools that require parents to sign up in advance must [[extended:pre_select|configure for parent preselection]].
 +===== Fees and Credits =====
 +[[extended:Daily Check In Charge]]
 +[[extended:Late Charges]]
 +===== Statements and Current Charges =====
 +[[extended:Current Charges]]

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