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 +===== I want to configure notifications for (iPhone) ===== 
 +  * Select menu icon on the upper left corner of the main menu. 
 +{{ :parents:homescreeniphone.png?200 |}} 
 +  * Select "profile" on the menu that appeared. 
 +{{ :parents:sidemenu.png?200 |}} 
 +  * On the profile page select "notification settings", located just underneath where your last name is listed. 
 +{{ :parents:manageprofile.png?200 |}} 
 +  * After selecting "notification settings" you should be taken to a new page with the same name. Select what you would like to recieve notifications for. Then select "save" on the bottom right corner of the page. 
 +{{ :parents:notificationsettings.png?200 |}}

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