Information for using Silent Dismissal


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 +Bus groups created
 +Students assigned to bus groups
 +Daycare van groups created
 +Students assigned to daycare van groups
 +Other groups created (after care, clubs, etc.)
 +Students assigned to other groups
 +Domain specific parameters entered (School name, contact, time zone, dismissal time, logo)
 +E-Mail Teacher Start Up Message
 +Verify sign in capability (correct address, user ID, password, and domain)
 +Review class roster, ensure all students on roster with correct dismissal method
 +Change settings as desired (text size, menu, columns, audible alert, password)
 +Understand substitute teacher usage to inform nearby substitutes
 +Understand requirement to sign in by a specific time
 +Review potential problem report and justify any remaining entries
 +Print carpool number verification report and review with each classroom
 +Generate car tags by classroom and distribute to classrooms
 +Send car tags home with students
 +Carpool (Dismissal) User
 +Verify sign in capability (correct address, user ID, password, and domain)
 +Understand dismissal type drop down selection box
 +Understand method for entering carpool numbers
 +Understand method for dismissing groups, including standard messages
 +Understand method for posting ad hoc messages

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