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Bulk Loading

This page is an expansion of the bulk load process from the Spreadsheet File Formats page.

The basic rules and guidelines of bulk loading will be referenced here. Make sure to read this page carefully to avoid creating inaccurate information in your database.

Blank Spreadsheet with Column Headers

Transferring Student Spreadsheet Data to Silent Dismissal

  1. From an administrator account, click on STUDENTS at the top of the page. You should see a dropdown menu. Click on BULK LOAD. This will direct you to a webpage with an empty textbox.
  2. NOTE: This step is crucial to correctly bulk load data. At the top of this page, click on “Use Data Set” from the drop-down menu labeld “Class Assignment”
  3. Using your spreadsheet containing account data, select the columns & rows for each student that must be created, including cells that were left blank during data input as they will serve as a placeholder.
  4. Copy & paste your selection from the spreadsheet into the textbox on the page. Remember to review your entry to avoid errors in transfer.
  5. After verifying this data is correct, click on the “Submit” button below the textbox.
  6. Review your student records by selecting STUDENTS / LIST from the navigation bar at the top of the page, and click on “Unassigned” above the table; this will display any students that were not assigned to a classroom roster
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