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Bus Stops

Bus stops may be defined for each group of type bus.

To access the edit page for the bus stops, so to Groups / Bus. When viewing only bus type groups, the fifth (5th) row of the table will list the number of stops currently defined for the bus route. Click on the number to view the edit page for that bus.

Bus Stop Edit

The bus stop edit page is divided into two parts. The top of the screen may be used to insert new bus stop records and the lower portion for editing existing bus stops. If no bus stops have been defined, only the bulk load section will appear.

Bulk Load

Begin by entering a description of each bus stop in order a spread sheet, with each stop in a separate cell in a single column.

By default the bus stops will be created with a numbering order starting at ten with an increment of ten. For example, if two records are added, they will be numbered 10 and 20. The gaps in the numbering sequence provides a method for easily adding additional bus stops at a later time that lies between two existing stops.

It is possible to override the automated numbering of bus stops by entering an alternate value in the second column. Entries without a defined number will be order with a value of 10 more than the preceding order number.

Bulk Load At End of List

To bulk load bus stops after the end of an existing list, designate the first row with an order number ten more than the last entry and leave the remainder of the entries without an order number.

Bulk Load Between Existing Stops

Stops may be bulk loaded between existing stops by explicitly providing an order number with a value between the values of existing stops.

For example, presume three stops exist with order number values of 10, 20, and 30. Now presume that it is necessary to add two stops before the first stop, one stop between the first and second stops, three stops between the second and third stops, and 4 more stops after the third stop.

To do this, assign the newly defined stops with order number values of 3 and 6 (before the first stop); 15 (after the first stop but before the second); 22, 25, and 27 (between the second stop and the third stop); and 40 (leave the last three stops without a defined number and the final four stops will be numbered 40, 50, 60, and 70).

Bulk Load After Last Stop

This is a degenerate case of the example for inserting stops between existing stops. When adding stops to the end of a list, specify the stop order number only for the first entry as 10 more than the current highest order number. New stops will be added to the end of the list with an order value incremented by 10.

Edit Existing

Existing bus stops may be reordered, renamed, or removed completely.

Changing the order number of an existing stop will reorder that stop based upon the numeric value of the order number.

Similarly, the text description of the bus stop may also be changed by replacing the existing text value.

Finally, a bus stop may be removed in it's entirety by checking the delete button adjacent to the stop.

When all edits have been made, click the Save Edit button to process all of the changes made to existing bus stops.

Enable Bus Stop Entry for Parents


Four different settings are available for bus stops in Silent Dismissal. The configuration for bus stops is set on the Tools / School Settings page in the Parents section titled Bus Stop Auth

Not Used

When this option is selected, bus stop information will not be shown to parents.


This option allows parents to designate a default bus stop for a child but it is not required.

Stop Required

If Stop Required is set, parents must first designate a default bus stop for a child before a child may be assigned to a bus for a specific day of the week or as an optional choice.

Stop and Authorization

If Stop and Authorization is set, parents must select a default bus stop and designate whether the child may be release without supervision, only with parent supervision, or supervised from by members from a designated list before being allowed to set either a daily or optional dismissal for a bus.

Parent Impact

When the setting for bus stops is set to any value other than Not Used, the parent display on the web will include a column for setting the bus stop each student.

  • When the bus stop has not been set, the column will display a red X and the hover title will read Not Set
  • When the bus stop has been set, the display will appear as a green check mark and the hover title will be the name of the bus stop

Clicking on the icon will open an edit dialog for parents to set the information. Depending upon the school setting, the edit dialog will display a message indicating which fields are required.

The list of authorized persons will only be saved if the parent selects a bus stop and sets the authorization value to Adult Supervision

Setting Groups

If a parent attempts to select a group type for either a specific day of the week or as an optional day of the week and has not fulfilled the requirements for bus stops - either setting a bus stop or setting both a bus stop and an authorization level - the parent will receive a pop up message informing the parent that the bus selection will not be saved until the proper information has been entered.

The parent may still submit the group setting form for the student, but if the new value will not be recorded.


A report can be found in the Reports [Roster] menu titled Bus Stops The report will list every bus and every stop defined for each bus in order. When more than one student is designated for stop, individual lines will appear on the report showing the name of each student, the authorization level set, and the list of authorized persons if applicable.

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