Silent Dismissal

School dismissal made silent & simple.

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Groups are logical associations of students that allow numerous students to be called for dismissal via a single entry.

Creating and Editing Groups

Group Types

Different group types provide different features. Choosing the appropriate group type is important to get the most out of Silent Dismissal.

Group Type Classroom Banner Stops Early Display Date Specific Keypad Entry Extended Care
Bus Yes Yes
Daycare Van Yes
Immediate Yes
Date Yes
Carpool Yes
Extended Care Yes
Extended Care (Immediate) Yes Yes
Extended Care Sub Group Yes

Group Assignment

Each student who is a member of a group must be assigned to that group along with the days of the week in which the student is participating in the group.

Group Rosters

The set of students assigned to a group is presented in several different ways. See the Group Rosters page for more information.

Dismiss a Group

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