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Parent Example Introduction Letter


  1. Select the portions of this letter that apply to your school policy
  2. Replace the red text with the appropriate values for your school


Dear Parents:

We will now be using an electronic system for end of day dismissal. This system will eliminate audible announcements with written information displayed on classroom computers. This system improves the educational experience for your children by allowing them to remain in their classrooms until their actual dismissal. It also improves student safety by reducing the number of children in loading areas and by providing an electronic record of your child's movement during departure.

You have been provided at least one carpool number tag to be used when your child is picked up from the school at the end of the day. Please clearly display this number on your vehicle when picking up your child; laying the number flat on your dashboard makes it very difficult for staff to view. Anyone else that you send to pick up your child must also have this number to display. If they do not have the number, they will be required to come to the office to show proper identification.

To take a tour of the Silent Dismissal website, follow this link:

Remove or include this section as appropriate

With the new process, we are also providing parent access via the web at You have been provided information to create an account and to associate your children. From this site you may make changes to your child's dismissal method for the current day until <time of day> and view messages posted for the entire school and to classrooms or groups that your child or children are members.

You are responsible as parents for setting the default dismissal method for each child for each day of the week. Once set these methods will remain in place until you change them and may be overridden on any day by you until <time of day>.

Remove or include this section as appropriate

With the new process, you may access the service via a mobile app for either Android or Apple devices. From this app, you will be able to perform the following operations for children associated to your account:

Remove individual features as appropriate

  • Change the spelling of student names
  • Change the carpool number for students
  • Change the classroom assignment for students
  • Change the grade level for students
  • Set the default dismissal method for each weekday
  • Override the default dismissal method for the current day
  • Enter the student dismissal action when within the allowed geographic boundary
  • Receive alerts posted to your student's classrooms or groups

We welcome your feedback and look forward to a better and safer dismissal experience.

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