Silent Dismissal

School dismissal made silent & simple.

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 ====== Revision History ====== ====== Revision History ======
 Updates to Silent Dismissal by version number. Updates to Silent Dismissal by version number.
-===== Pending =====+===== 18.09.13 =====
 ==== Admin ==== ==== Admin ====
-  * Ability to view and edit local student ID number, the number or code used in the local school student information system to reference the student uniquely +  * Morning Arrival Report balloon description on column headers 
-  * Ability to set dismissal keypad such that a server acknowledgement of receiving the input has been received prior to allowing for the entry of subsequent number. This will ensure that the dismissal account has internet connectivity while processing numbers from the keypad. +  * Preclude administrators from signing in to Staff Connect app 
-  * View student extended care statements from student edit page +  * Added mechanism for administrators to be able to create parent account 
-  * View extended care statements from students no longer enrolled+  * Automated renumbering of existing student pick up IDs 
 +  * Added student pick up ID to group assignment page to better enable distinguishing between students with the same last name 
 +  * Defect correction regarding the saving of extended care settings 
 +  * Improved student information and navigation on override page 
 +  * Added ability to print a subset of student tags for bus rosters 
 +  * One click method to activate all students for web connect 
 +  * Reverted top menu behavior to again scroll with the page
 ==== Dismissal ==== ==== Dismissal ====
-  * Keypad submit button will become locked and display an animated image while waiting for a response from the serverPosted Pick Up ID will be displayed in message area above the keypadPressing the delete button on the keypad will override the requirement for a server response and allow user to reenter the same number again.+  * Defect correction related to morning arrival scan 
 +  * Added direct sign out link on top level menu 
 +==== Classroom === 
 +  * Ability to print destination stickers to be affixed to students at the end of the day 
 +  * Added direct sign out link on top level menu 
 +==== Extended Care ==== 
 +  * Staff may now call for student dismissal and check the student out without requiring parents to check student out 
 +  * Added direct sign out link on top level menu 
 +==== Parent ==== 
 +  * Corrected error that prevented selecting an override when school did not have at least one unsupervised method for student dismissal 
 +===== 19.01.08 ===== 
 +==== Dismissal ==== 
 +===== 18.08.07 ===== 
 +==== Parent ==== 
 +  * Updated student selection routine for mobile app to ensure that students who have left the school will not corrupt the JSON to the parent mobile app 
 +  * Corrected student display error for students that had no group assignment 
 +===== 18.06.29 ===== 
 +==== All ==== 
 +  * Changed terminology from Carpool ID to Pick Up ID when not referring to carpool group 
 +===== 18.06.29 ===== 
 +==== Admin ==== 
 +  * Added support for laser labels for parent tags 
 +==== Parent ==== 
 +  * Updated server side communication for Android to support Firebase 
 +===== 18.05.11 ===== 
 +==== Admin ==== 
 +  * Updated bus list student tags for student name alignment to allow longer student names to print on a single line without intersecting color bar 
 +  * Modified menu to move when page scrolls to stay at top of current view 
 +===== 18.05.09 ===== 
 +==== Parent ==== 
 +  * Modified student override modal window behavior to provide immediate feedback and to instruct parents to retry operation if it does not complete in 30 seconds. Additionally restructured system calls to close modal window and refresh student data to overcome issue encountered with Chrome browser 
 +==== Extended Care Supervisor ==== 
 +  * Correct faulty end of header row tag on student check in page to reenable table sorting 
 ===== 17.03.09 ===== ===== 17.03.09 =====
 +==== Admin ====
 +  * Set location to suppress alert pop up
 +==== Dismissal ====
 +  * Suppress Pop Up for designated locations
 +==== Parent ====
 +  * Provide support for parents to opt out of transaction e-mail notifications while retaining e-mail notifications for manually entered messages and student profile changes
 ===== 17.03.01 ===== ===== 17.03.01 =====
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