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Adding Students

Student records may be added up to the limit of the number of licenses purchased. Students may be added individually or in bulk.

Click here instructions on removing students.

Adding Students Individually

To add students individually, go to STUDENTS / NEW

Adjacent to the title New Student are entries titled Pick Up ID Number Next Lower, First Gap, and Next Highest. This information may be used to assist in assigning a carpool number.

Next Lower is one less than the current smallest pick up ID that has been assigned provided that value is 1 or greater. If the lowest assigned pick up ID is 1, then Next Lower will display N/A as the smallest pick up ID allowed is 1.

First Gap is the first number in sequence starting with the lowest pick up ID number that is not currently in use. If all pick up IDs are contiguously assigned from the lowest value to the highest value, then this value will appear as N/A.

Next Highest is one greater than the highest pick up ID currently assigned.

Each time a student record is saved, this information will be automatically updated.


Many of the data fields for assigning students should be self explanatory. The First and Last fields are used for entering the student first and last names, respectively. At a minimum a student record must include the student last name.

The Pick Up ID Number field is used to enter the pick up number to assign to the student. It is good practice to assign every student a pick up ID even if it is believed that the student will “never” be picked up from carpool. Additionally, the pick up ID value may be used by parents when calling students from After Care from the Parent After Care Kiosk.

The Grade field is used to assign the student to a grade level. Various features in Silent Dismissal make it possible to apply settings to all students within a grade level so it is good practice to set this value accurately.

The Classroom field is used to assign the student to a classroom or teacher for display at the end of the day. If the school uses A/B schedule days, only the A day schedule assignment may be set when creating a new student record.

If the school has available After Care licenses available, the After Care field may be used to make the student available to be included in After Care groups and enrichment sub groups.

If the school has available Web Connect licenses available, the Web Connect field may be used to allow parent access for setting groups and overrides via the web, similar to the same functionality available in the parent mobile app.

The Local ID field or student ID field is the student identifier that the school or school district uses to uniquely identify a student. When performing uploads for renewal customer the unique local, or student, ID field may be used to update a student record such as grade level and classroom assignment without creating a new student record if the student record already exists.


Once the information for the new student is entered, the record must be saved. If the Save button is selected, the student record will be created, the new information will be presented on screen for editing if required, and all defined groups will be shown on the bottom half of the screen so that the student may be assigned.

If the Save & New button is selected, the student record will be created but the form will appear blank to provide an easy method for entering another new student record. The Carpool field will automatically be filled with the previously entered value in the event the next student being created is a member of the same family and the same carpool ID value is desired.

Adding Students in Bulk

It is possible to add multiple students at one time from data contained in a spreadsheet. This process is commonly used when starting a new site or each fall when entering the new incoming students for the lowest grade level.

When students are added in bulk, they may be directly added to a classroom, but only to the A day roster for schools using A/B schedules.

Settings that cannot be automatically set when adding students in bulk are:

  • Group assignments, either optionally or for specific week days
  • After Care Inclusion
  • B day classroom assignment for schools that use A/B scheduling

To adjust these values, each student record will need to be edited individually after the records have been created.

For schools that subscribe to After Care Management, students may be added in bulk to the After Care category by going to AFTERCARE / STUDENTS and selecting the check mark adjacent to the student names.

More details on initial loading may be found in the instructions for Bulk Loading Students.

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