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Substitute Teachers

Signing On


Substitute teachers may gain access by navigating to the regular staff sign in page, e.g.,

User ID

Substitute teachers all use the same user id: sub


The substitute teacher password changes each day. The current day password may be found on top right of the administrator home page or may be found in the Tools menu for either a classroom teacher or a dismissal user.

Selecting the Classroom

Once a substitute teacher has signed in, the screen will present an amber message that reads Select a classroom to view dismissal information

The substitute teacher must select from the menu Set Up / Select Class.

The substitute teacher then selects the name of the teacher for whom they are substituting. After selecting the class, the substitute selects Home from the top menu.

Dismissal Information

When a substitute selects a teacher by name in the preceding step, the substitute is presented with the scope for the current day that corresponds to the scope created by the classroom teacher.

For example, if the current day of the week is Tuesday and the classroom teacher has set up Tuesday to be a list of specific students, then the substitute will only those students configured by the regular classroom teacher.

Example 2: The current day of the week is Wednesday and the regular classroom teacher has selected their own class, an additional class, and 2 temporary students. The substitute will see student dismissals for the regular classroom, the additional classroom, and the two temporary students. Moreover, the substitute will receive messages addresses to both the current classroom, the additional classroom, and the primary classrooms for the two temporary students. The substitute will also see group messages for any group associated to any of the students within scope.

Departing Students

Substitute teachers should use the Depart button for any student in his or her care who leaves the classroom for a listed reason.

Substitutes should be cautious about pressing the Clear button for any student other than those in the regular classroom.


Substitute teachers are not allowed to interact with the student profile records directly. This means that substitute teachers cannot perform these actions:

  • Enter an override for a student for the current day (or a future date)
  • Mark as student as not participating either due to absence or early departure

This is one of the few instances where students not participating must be marked as Clear when called if the student is absent

Following Dismissal

Once dismissal has been completed, the substitute teacher should click on Exit to sign out of the system.

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