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Tutoring Dismissal

There are two different processes that may be used with Silent Dismissal for tutoring. One process is to call students from the regular classroom to tutoring then dismiss students from tutoring without using Silent Dismissal or use Silent Dismissal for parent pick up following tutoring.

Without Parent Pick Up

If the only requirement is to notify students in their regular classroom that they may proceed to tutoring the following steps should be taken:

  1. Create one or more groups of type “Tutoring”
  2. Assign the students to the appropriate group by day of the week or by setting an override for the student
  3. Call the individual tutoring groups to notify students to proceed to tutoring
  4. After tutoring students are picked up using a process that does not include Silent Dismissal

With Parent Pick Up

After School

To use Silent Dismissal to call students from the regular classroom to tutoring then to later call them from tutoring to parent pick up, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Tools / School Settings
    1. Open the Pick Up Number Entry section
    2. Set the value for Group Priority to No
    3. Click on Save All Settings
  2. Create the requisite groups of type Tutoring and assign students to the group
  3. For teachers with students in tutoring
    1. Determine how tutoring is performed in school
      1. If the students do NOT change based upon day of the week, then the tutor should go to Students / Temporary then select all of the students not currently assigned to the tutor as temporary students
      2. If the students vary based upon day of the week, the tutor should go to Students / Daily
        1. On the Day of the Week View page, select the appropriate students for each day of the week. It is better to include all students who attend tutoring even if they only do so occasionally
        2. Determine the role of the tutor
          1. If this tutor is also a regular classroom teacher during regular dismissal then do not make any other changes
          2. If this tutor only performs dismissal for tutored students then set the value for each day of the week to Specific Students
        3. Scroll to the middle of the page (just above the column for Saturday) then press Save
  4. Dismiss the tutoring groups at the appropriate time
  5. If the tutor is also a regular classroom teacher with regular dismissal, then open the Students / Daily page, change the selection for the current day from Regular Class to Specific Students, also change the value from the previous day from Specific Students to Regular Class__ then Save the page
  6. Revert to the Home screen.
    1. On initial load the screen will likely make an audible alert and the screen will show all of the students called to tutoring
    2. The screen will refresh during the course of tutoring, but in the absence of any changes the audible alert will not sound
    3. When an actual parent pick up occurs, the called student(s) will appear in the top left of the screen with an additional dismissal method of parent pick up
    4. Press the Depart button on the screen when the student leaves tutoring

During Dismissal

Silent Dismissal offers a mechanism to allow for tutoring to occur during regular dismissal with regular classroom teachers. For many schools this can provide up to 30 minutes of daily tutoring with negligible impact on staff.

This is best illustrated via the use of an example. Let's presume the following:

  • There are four teachers designated as T1, T2, T3, T4
  • T1 is the math tutor
  • T2 is the Language Arts tutor
  • Math tutoring occurs on Monday and Wednesday
  • Language Arts tutoring occurs on Tuesday and Thursday

The are the steps for initial set up:

  1. Identify the students that will be in math tutoring
  2. Teacher T1 will need to go to Students / Daily
    1. Set the selection on Monday and Wednesday to Specific Students
    2. Place a check mark adjacent to all of the students that will attend tutoring. It is better to err on the side of including students who may not always participate than to leave someone off of the list
    3. Save the changes
  3. Identify where the students in class T1 who are not attending tutoring will wait until their normal dismissal
  4. Teachers T2, T3, and T4 will need to go to Students / Daily
  5. Set the select on Monday and Wednesday to Specific Students
  6. Select all of the regular students in the classroom who are not going to tutoring AND any of the students from classroom T1 who will waiting in this teacher's classroom.
    1. Optionally all of the regular classroom students may be added to list of specific students. This will provide a method for viewing overrides in the original classroom that may affect a student who would normally participate in tutoring
  7. Save the changes
  8. Perform the same operations for Tuesday and Thursday, swapping the references above for T1 and T2
  9. Inform the parents of those students that are participating in tutoring to arrive for pick up at the end of normal dismissal, somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes following regular dismissal time


  1. Post a message instructing staff to transfer students from their regular classrooms to tutoring. This generally occurs approximately 5 minutes prior to normal name display
  2. The teacher performing tutoring will sign in to Silent Dismissal, close the classroom door, then begin tutoring. If Silent Dismissal is being used properly there should be no additional noise during dismissal including no audible announcements
  3. When the first student in tutoring is called for dismissal the tutor's screen will generate an audible alert. At this time that student should be released for pick up and the remaining students may begin gathering their belongings

Once set up, this method does not require additional work for the staff and allows tutoring to be performed concurrent with regular dismissal

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