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September 2015

Duplicate Entry Report

When students do not appear in a timely manner after a carpool ID number has been entered, the proper action by dismissal staff should be to enter the number again, thereby causing the student name to move back to the top of the classroom list and cause an audible alert.

The Duplicate Entry Report makes it simple to see which numbers are cause the most delays in the carpool line.

Delta Report

This report provides the greatest opportunity to identify aberrations in the process. At each school, the physical configuration of the dismissal area along with the number of students to be dismissed will result in a best case time limit for completing dismissal.

This report identifies those parents, students, or staff that may be inhibiting the best overall performance. It is already known that the time from data entry until a student leaves the classroom should not exceed 30 seconds. With this report it is easy to see whether that goal is being achieved by all students in all classrooms.

For each school the amount of time it takes for a student to walk from a classroom to the dismissal area can be determined. This may be different for various grades or classrooms based upon physical location, but it can be determined from empirical measurements. Once know, it is possible to use this report to identify those students who are not meeting a reasonable standard.

By achieving consistency in all classrooms with all students, dismissal time can be greatly reduced.

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