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October 2015

Parent Web Access

Access to managing student accounts may be done by parents via the web in a browser. This service replicates most of the features available in the Parent Connect mobile app. In order to use this feature, it must be enabled and incurs an additional fee to the school for the total number of students enrolled.

Parent Associations

Administrators have the ability to remove the association of a parent account to a student and the ability to change the access code for the student. Once changed, a person must have the access code to again associate the student to the account. This feature is especially useful for instance where a court order precludes someone who previously had access by removing the access and precluding the access from being reinstated by that person.

O / W / A

Students may be added to a group with

  • No days selected by default - Optional (O)
  • Weekdays selected by default - Weekdays (W)
  • All days selected by default - All (A)

This improves upon the prior method where a student was added to a group for every day by default when added to the group roster.

Roster View

Rosters for classrooms display the days that a student is assigned to a group rather than showing the days the student is not assigned to a group.

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