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Student Book Bag Tags

Student tags are individual to each student, unlike parent pick up ID tags that may be associated to multiple students. Student tags are used to acknowledge student arrival in the morning and departure at the end of the school day.


Student tags may be generated by an administrator from the TOOLS / PRINT TAGS: BOOKBAG menu option.

Once printed the tags may be laminated or sealed in waterproof pouches. The following products are available on Amazon for student book bag tags.

The recommended solution is the waterproof holder with the luggage loops which will cost 20¢ per student in lots of 100.

Waterproof Holder - approximately 11 cents each Revised July 2017 Now approximately 13 cents each

Alternative Laminated Holder - approximately 7 cents each

Luggage Loops - approximately 7 cents each

2" Carabiner - approximately 13 cents each, may be used in place of luggage loops

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