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Initial Set Up

Initial set is quick and easy. An entire school of over 1,000 students can usually be configured with less than one hour of total work.

A comprehensive step-by-step checklist is available to guide you through the process.

We've even written sample letters for staff and parents that can be sent via e-mail or printed.

School Settings

School Settings generally need to be only when first using Silent Dismissal. These settings include the time zone, the time students are dismissed, uploading an optional school logo, and a few other optional settings.

Staff Accounts

Staff Accounts can be readily created by copying an pasting from a list in a spreadsheet, creating all of the necessary accounts in less than a minute.


Student Records may be copy and pasted from a spreadsheet, again loading all of the students in less than a minute.


A multitude of group types are available to coordinate all after school movement of students. Each type of group offers different features. After the groups are created, students may be assigned to each group.

Dismissal Locations and Zones

Dismissal locations are physical places in the school where students may be directed to walk to. Zones are a special type of location in which multiple locations are logically grouped together and are almost exclusively used for car loading.

Alternating Schedule

The AB Schedule provides a method for having two alternating schedules.

Yearly Conversion

To prepare an existing site for the new year, follow these steps.

The Admin Menu is the principal means of navigating the application. View the Admin Menu page to review all of the menu items.


Administrators can use reports to verify roster information; to identify problems in information entered, to analyze performance of students, staff, and parents; and to improve the dismissal process.

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