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Bus Group Type

The bus group type is used to designate one or more buses on which students ride at the end of the day. The buses may be public school buses, contracted buses, or public buses.

Bus Names

Any applicable name may be used to describe individual buses. Names may be as basic as the bus number such as 912 or may involve characters and colors such as 912 Red Squirrel. In those instances where a color is used in the naming convention for the bus it usually is appropriate to use a corresponding color for the text display.

Controlling Student Flow

In many cases individual buses may accommodate a large number of students. It may not be desirable to have all students for a bus leave the classrooms at the same time. In those instances where it is desirable to have smaller numbers of students come to the bus it is possible to create multiple bus groups that all apply to the same bus with names such as Bus 912 K through 2 and Bus 912 3rd through 5th.

Classroom Banner

It is possible to display a list of all buses that have been called for dismissal at the top of each classroom display. Only an administrator may enable this list and the setting applies to all classrooms. This option may be enabled on the Menu: Tools / School Settings page.

When enabled, the bus list will display the most recently called bus at the beginning of the list followed in order by each previously called bus. The text color of the bus name will correspond to the color defined for each specific bus.

Bus Stops

An ordered list of bus stops may be defined for each bus. Each stop may have a unique name defined such as 510 Elm Street, Corner of Main and 1st, or Movie Theater, for example.

To define the stops for a specific bus it is first necessary to create the individual bus group. Once created, go to Menu: Groups / Bus to display the list of defined buses. On that page, click on the numeric value in the Stops column to add, edit, or delete stops for that bus.

It is also possible to require that a bus stop be defined for a student prior to allowing parents to select a bus group as a dismissal option. This option may be enabled on the Menu: Tools / School Settings page.

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