Information for using Silent Dismissal

Getting Started

This page contains links for school administrators to begin using Silent Dismissal.

This page applies to new clients. Existing clients should look at the yearly conversion page for instructions.

Purchase Services

Obtain a quotation and the associated invoice.

One of these four items must be completed to obtain service.

  1. Receipt of payment by Silent Dismissal
  2. A purchase order or binding letter of intent to purchase. Must include the number of licenses by type and the total purchase amount
  3. Receipt of payment for trial period

Initial Data for Load

Immediately upon obtaining a quotation, the next step is to compile the required information for loading into Silent Dismissal.

While you will have the ability to create/edit individual entities through our user interface, this information is best delivered bulk in a spreadsheet. The four categories of required information are:

  1. Staff Accounts
  2. Physical Locations, Groups, and Preset Messages (may be individually created within the service or loaded from a data file)
  3. Students
  4. Bus Stops (optional, not required)

The exact fields of information required for your spreadsheet are described on the spreadsheet file format page. Please refer to this page before going further, as it may prove most efficient.

Student Bookbag Tag Holders

If your school will be scanning individual students as they leave the school, then you may want to order waterproof holders for each student. Here are links to some recommended products.

Signing In

You will receive from us the URL for your site along with information for signing in once your site has been configured and is available.

First Steps

After the data has been loaded the first set of steps will be to

  • Review the data
    • Reports / Data Review :: Set Up Check
    • Reports / Data Review :: Possible Errors
  • Print parent placards
    • Tools / Print Tags :: Classroom
  • Print student placards
    • Tools / Print Tags :: Student
    • Groups / List By Type :: Bus → <click on roster count> → <click on Student Tags>
  • Ensure staff are able to access their accounts

Testing and Training

You may want to test the operation of the service and allow dismissal and classroom staff the opportunity to experience their roles. Here are some additional instructions on performing a live simulation.

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