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The first menu item has two different labels and two different functions.

When the screen is displaying the student dismissal information, the menu reads RELOAD and has a series of dots below it. The dots represent the countdown to the next automatic refresh of information from the server. When the dots disappear, a refresh is initiated. If the RELOAD menu entry is clicked, an immediate fetch of new data will be performed and the countdown timer will be reset.

Whenever the view is on any screen other than the dismissal information, the button will change to HOME and may be used to navigate back to the dismissal display.


The STUDENTS menu section is the most used section for classroom staff as it provides the mechanism for establishing and modifying student information.


Of all of STUDENTS options, the PARTICIPATION is the most vital. This option allows classroom staff to quickly set up student configuration for the day that then assists all other school staff.


The ROSTER page is used infrequently, generally only at the start of the school year to assign students to the classroom and occasionally during the year when there is a significant change with a student.


The TEMPORARY feature allows one or more students to be included in the daily class display for students who are regularly outside of their normal classroom and are dismissed from this classroom.

Other Class

The OTHER CLASS provides a mechanism to add all of the students for one or more other classes to the display in the classroom.

This feature should be used with caution! Adding additional classrooms to the display when not absolutely needed may cause several problems.

The most significant problem is that when the display refreshes, the amount of new student information displayed may extend beyond the visible area of the screen, i.e., it may only be seen by scrolling the page. Because the information is not immediately visible, it may appear that some students are not being properly called when in fact the information is present but not readily apparent.

Another problem that arises when multiple classrooms are routinely displayed is that the size of the data payload sent to the classroom will be larger than necessary. This may cause network congestion on the local school network resulting in lower overall performance for all classroom. When it is necessary to observe an entire additional classroom, this does not present a problem as the other classroom is polling the server so the total amount of network traffic is consistent.


The DAILY settings provide configuration settings to allow for the utmost in flexibility to support options such as alternate schedules; alternate dismissal locations such as the media center, art room, or music room; or student staging areas for different age children to meet.



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