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Creating Accounts

Account Types

There are three required account types for Silent Dismissal along with a few more optional account types.

  • Administrators
  • Classroom
  • Dismissal

One by One

Accounts may be created one by one by selecting Accounts / New from the menu.

  • User ID - Each account must have a unique user ID within your school. If the user ID that you select is already in use, the account will not be created and you will receive an error message.
  • First Name - This is the user's given name. It is not a required field. If your school is using generic indicators for classrooms such as 3A, this field may be left blank.
  • Last Name - This is the user's surname. It is a required field.
  • Account Type - This drop down selection determines which features in Silent Dismissal the user will have access to. For some account types, this will also invoke additional data entry fields.
  • Grade - The grade field only applies to classroom type users. Select the entry that corresponds to the grade taught in the classroom. Accurately setting this value will assist in setting student grade values, determining discrepancies, and for year-to-year conversion.
  • Default Location - The default location field only applies to dismissal users. It sets the default location what dismissal entries will be tagged when entered. It is particularly useful for kiosks.
  • Password - The password field is required to create a new account.

Bulk Load Accounts

It is possible to create a large number of accounts in a single step by copying from a spreadsheet then pasting into this page.

Create a spreadsheet with six (6) columns titled as follows:

Last Name

Fairly straight forward: this is the last name of the person who will manage the students in the classroom. Use title case for this value, as in Smith or Van Damme. This field is required. Optionally it may also be an abstract reference to a classroom such as 1A, 1B, 1C for three first grade classrooms, although this is not advised.

First Name

This field is optional. Enter the first name of the of the person who will manage the students. Alternatively enter only a first initial or leave the column blank.

User ID

This field is optional. If not supplied the default will be the first letter of the first name followed by the last name, all in lower case. Alternatively, you may supply this value to correspond to your school's ID naming convention such as john.smith or


The grade being taught in the classroom. This column only applies to classroom accounts; for other accounts leave this column blank. Use a numeric value for the grade such as 1 for first grade, 2 for second grade, and so on. Use 0 for kindergarten, -1 for 4K (pre K), -2 for 3K, and -3 for Other. If not entered, all accounts will default to kindergarten.

Account Type

This field defines which of the three primary types of account the user will be assigned. The values for this column are (without quotes and in lower case) “a” for local adminstrators, “c” for classrooms, and “d” for dismissal staff.

Load the spreadsheet by going to the Accounts / Bulk Load page.

These instructions are also available on that page.

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