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Dismissal Staff

Dismissal staff actively participate in the process of designating when events occur such as the arrival of a parent or daycare van and also perform the task of ensuring students are properly loaded into their dismissal conveyance.

Best Practices

Read about the best practices for dismissal staff to enable the most efficient dismissal.


Upon initial sign on the main navigation options are available for direct access. The different screens serve different functions for and are designed for use on different types of devices.

  • Desktop
  • Keypad
  • Matrix
  • Zone
  • Location Load
  • Group Load
  • Messages
  • Group Dismissal
  • Tracking
  • Extended Care
  • Name Matrix
  • Morning Arrival

Calling Students for Pick Up

Students are generally called for pick up by entering a Pick Up ID, but may occasionally be called individually name.

Entering Pick Up IDs

Pick Up IDs can be entered by typing the number on the Desktop View, the Keypad View, and the Zone View. Pick Up IDs may also be entered by selecting from the list of assigned IDs on the Matrix View.

Server Response

When a Pick Up ID is sent to the server, the server will respond with the overall status of the submission. For detailed information on pick up number entry click here


The desktop view provides access to the full range of functions.


The keypad screen is best suited for use on smart phones. It provides minimal features but is well suited for small screens.


The matrix screen provides one touch input for carpool numbers. It is ideally suited for tablets but also may be used on a smart phone.

Reset Number

The Reset Number feature is available on the Desktop, Keypad, and Matrix views. On the Matrix view it is titled Reset Pick Up IDs.

When this check box option is set, the next number entered will be designated as not having been called on the current day. Presumably this is used when a number is entered in error to change the status from having been called for dismissal to no longer having been called. Applying a reset to a pick up ID number that has not been entered on the current day logs the transaction but has no other effect as the number as the students were already in a state of not being called for pick up.

This use of this feature should be minimized whenever possible due to the asynchronous operation of the entry function as compared to the display screens. For example, if a pick up ID number is entered incorrectly the screen in the classroom may display that incorrect information almost immediately depending upon the timing of the entry as compared to the time that the classroom screen refreshes. In these instances if the number is reset only a second or two later the display in the classroom may continue to show the student call for nearly 20 seconds until the next classroom screen refresh. During that time the teacher may release that student from the classroom only to see on the next screen refresh that the student name no longer appears for dismissal (because it was reset). Meanwhile the student has been walking the hallway toward dismissal only to discover that other displays show that he or she has NOT been called for dismissal.

Teachers and students will begin to distrust the validity of the information if this condition occurs frequently, in particular if the administration does not properly remedy the root cause which is errant entry by dismissal staff.


Zone entry provides a method for queuing a large number of entries that may then be processed later in unison.

Location Load

The Location Load screen provides a list of students that have been dismissed to a designated location for carpool loading and then can be designate as the students are loaded into the vehicles. By listing the students in the order they are entered it is also possible to order the students for proper entry into the the vehicles.

Group Dismissal

Group Load

The Group Load screen provides a method for ensuring that all students are present and accounted for prior to allowing the bus or van to depart from the school.


The messages screen is designed for use on smart phones or tablets for reviewing existing messages or posting new messages. Messages are also shown and may be posted from the desktop view.


The tracking page provides a method for dismissal staff to record aberrant behavior from persons who are picking up children.

Early Dismissal

Under normal operation, student information that is entered is obscured from display in the classrooms until a preset, designated time. On occasion, it may be necessary to dismiss students prior to the normal time such as for a half day. On those occasions, the Early Dismissal option on the menu may be invoked to display the student information immediately in the classroom.

Click here to learn more about when student names are displayed.

The menu provides navigation for dismissal users.

Call Students to Office prior to Dismissal

Using the Immediate group type function, there is a method for Calling Students to the Office prior to regular dismissal

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