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I want to set the normal dismissal method by day of the week using

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I want to set it so my student will be picked up by a different family with a different Pick Up ID

I want to send a reminder to my child using

I want to review the recent changes to the dismissal method using

I want to clear an override set for today or a different future date using

I want to see the current day of the week settings for normal dismissal using

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I want to know why I have to pay for the mobile app

The school is purchasing my subscription. How do I get it activated for

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Information for parents regarding Silent Dismissal at your child's school.

Parent Accounts


One of the most often asked questions from parents is “Why do I have to pay for this?”


The level of access and manner in which you access Silent Dismissal is controlled by each individual school. The same account credentials are used for both the mobile app and for web access.

To see a video with detailed screens of setting up the mobile app, go here.

Two Ways to Get Access

Accessing Silent Dismissal for the school may be accomplished in two different ways.


If your school has purchased Parent Web Access or has purchased Extended Care Management and your student has been assigned a license by the school, then you may access Silent Dismissal using a browser on any device, including phones, tablets, or computers.

Instructions for creating a parent web account

You will need to access the web address for your specific school. The web URL will be something like <your school>.sdcs<a number>.com.

An example may be something like this fictitious school:

Limited Availability

The Silent Dismissal Parent Web is not available at all schools. An additional fee is charged to schools to allow parent access via the web interface. If you do not see a link on the sign in page to create a parent account or if you a see a message indicating that parent access is not provided you will not be able to manage your students' account via the web. Mobile app access may still be available. Please check with your school.

Mobile App

The mobile app is available at no cost for any parent to download from either the Google Play store or the Apple App store. The majority of the features in the app require an in-app purchase to use. They also require that the school allows the various features to be used.

Check with your school regarding usage before spending money to enable the All Access features


Mandatory information is required to create a parent account. See the prerequisites page for more information.

Creating An Account


Handheld App

The Silent Dismissal Handheld App provides parents with unprecedented control and visibility into the the dismissal process for their own children.

Separate applications are available for Apple iOS and Android devices.

The video on this page shows how to set up an account using the mobile app and the basics of using the app.

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