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The classroom applies to any location where students congregate prior to dismissal. It may be the students' regular classroom, a special classroom such as art or music, or even a temporary muster location.

Classroom Quick Start Guide

Best Practices

Read about the best practices for classroom staff to enable the most efficient dismissal.

Initial View

There are two possible initial views that classroom personnel may see when signing in to Silent Dismissal.

Dismissal View

The dismissal view is the view that displays information on students dismissal methods, applicable messages, and bus and daycare van lists.

Participation View

The participation view allows classroom staff to quickly distinguish which students will and will not be participating in dismissal for the day. This allows dismissal staff to properly account for students.

The Classroom Menu is the mechanism for accessing the advanced features of Silent Dismissal.


The override options for each student allow for fine grained control of dismissal on a daily basis with minimal user input.

Substitute Teachers

Substitute teachers may access real time dismissal information but may not make student record changes.

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