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Morning Arrival

Morning arrival tracking is an optional one or two stage process for recording students arriving to the school.

The first stage is to scan student tags as students arrive on site; the second stage is to designate arrival in the classroom.

After the school day has started, perhaps thirty to sixty minutes after the designated tardy time, administrators can quickly identify which students have not yet arrived and those that arrived late.

Morning Scan

Using the Silent Dismissal Staff Connect, select the option Student Tag, then select the scope as Morning Arrival.

As students arrive at school - possibly via a bus, a parent, walking, or any other manner - staff at the entry door(s) scan the student tags to record that the student has arrived on campus.

Parents who have optionally selected to receive a morning arrival alert will be notified that the student has arrived at the school campus.

Classroom Arrival

Classroom arrival may be used in conjunction with the student morning arrival scan or may also be used without performing a student arrival scan.

Classroom teachers must sign into Silent Dismissal then select Students / Morning Arrival. Each student assigned to the classroom will have their name displayed on the Morning Arrival screen; as students arrive at the classroom, either the student or the teacher clicks on the In Class button adjacent to the student name to record the exact time the student arrived at the classroom.

Parents who have optionally selected to receive a classroom arrival alert will be notified that the student has arrived at his or her specific classroom.


The list of students in the classroom for morning check in includes all of the students in the scope for end of day dismissal which may not be the same students who arrive in the morning.

This may be overcome by performing these steps:

  1. One Time Set Up
    1. Teachers navigate to Students / Daily
    2. Place a check mark adjacent to each student who should arrive at the classroom in the morning. Set these check marks for each day of the week that applies
    3. Scroll to the middle of the screen then press Save
  2. Daily
    1. In the morning prior to any students arriving navigate to Students / Daily
    2. Set the radio button for the current day of the week to Specific Students
    3. Scroll to the middle of the screen then press Save
    4. Select Students / Morning Arrival
    5. Designate each child as present as the student arrives to the classroom
    6. Upon completion of morning attendance or, at a minimum prior to end of day dismissal, navigate to Students / Daily
    7. Change the radio button for the current day to Regular Class
    8. Scroll to the middle of the screen then press Save

This process may not be used when the appropriate end of day students are to be selected from a list of specific students rather than from either the regular classroom or an alternate classroom.

Reviewing Arrival Data

Only administrators have access to morning arrival data.

  1. Navigate to Reports / Transactions:Morning Arrival.
  2. Click on the column header for either Arrival, Location, or Class to identify those students not yet present and optionally to locate those students who have arrived but are tardy

Post Review Actions

After reviewing the information regarding morning arrival there are different options that may be performed.

Mark & Notify

Selecting the Mark & Notify option will result in each student not designated as having arrived at the school from either a scan, a classroom check in, or both will be designated in Silent Dismissal as Absent and wil not be included in end of day dismissal.

Parents of those students who have active All Access service from the mobile app will receive an in app notification that the student is not at the school.

This operation - Mark & Notify - should not be used as a substitute for the daily participation operation that is performed by teachers just prior to dismissal. It is still imperative that each teacher ensure that those students present at dismissal are designated as present so that they will be properly notified for dismissal.

Notify Only

The Notify Only option performs only the in app notification to parents without changing the participation settings for any student.

Data Export

The morning arrival data may be exported to a spreadsheet using the download icon at the bottom left of the report.

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