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Revision History 2015


Admin - report of parent accounts


Parent - support payments for iOS


Parent Web - bug fixes and improvements


Admin - Transaction Report by Student


Dismissal - Progress summary added to top of desktop view


Admin - Improved icon identifiers for absent and early departure students

Admin - changed transaction report so that absent and early departure are marked as set

Classroom - Improved icon identifiers for absent and early departure students


Admin - new controls for parent editing access

Admin - history reports for student explicit and group assignment changes

Parents - parent web access available if turned on for individual school

All - links on sign in page when parent web access authorized


Admin - corrected error new group add associating all students


Admin - student group associations 3 options for no days, weekdays, all days

Classroom - student group associations 3 options for no days, weekdays, all days

Admin - group add and remove group history logged

Classroom - group add and remove group history logged

Admin - group add and remove group day history logged

Classroom - group add and remove group day history logged


Admin - New Group allows all students to be added to the group

Admin - Student group associations have 3 options for no days, weekdays, all days

Dismissal - corrected error for setting student immediate dismissal flag

Classroom - corrected error for displaying immediate student information prior to normal dismissal

Classroom - updated roster and participation pages to show group participation days rather than exceptions

Admin - updated classroom roster page to show group participation days rather than exceptions


Admin - corrected error where group exceptions did not show names of days on classroom roster view

Classroom - corrected error where group depart and group clear historic logging not properly associated to group and location


Admin - Duplicate Carpool Entry Report

Admin - Tags by classroom check mark toggle


Admin - Delta Time Report

Dismissal - invalid session on carpool and group post redirect to sign in page


Admin - edit accounts show grade for Classroom and location for Display

Admin - Designate AB Schedule; B roster potential problem report section

Classroom - set as AB participation; B roster

Admin - eliminate I, l, and 1 from parent codes

Admin - delete group of user accounts

Admin - cannot delete own account

Admin - properly display apostrophes in school name on tags

Admin - bulk load students carpool numbers must be less than 5000

Admin - student edit page carpool numbers must be less than 5000

Admin - edit account allows for numbers in user ID field

Admin - Account list error fix for New button


Classroom - corrected sort order bug introduced in 15.08.17


Admin - modal pop up for renewal and account expiration

Classroom - enforced sort order for student display to suppress errant audible alerts


Admin - increased maximum number of carpool tags for printing at one time to 450

Dismissal - group load records sorted by student name


Dismissal - corrected bug listing preset messages on desktop view

Classroom - Participation list bug showing duplicated groups corrected


Admin - carpool group tags


Classroom - corrected bug preventing explicit dismissal students from appearing

Classroom - corrected bug in calculating time for other time zones


Admin - corrected new student form when no classroom accounts exist

Admin - return to student list in same position

Admin - corrections to bookbag tag printing


Kiosk - increased keypad and text size

Dismissal - increased keypad text field size; auto clear of reset button


Admin - fixed error on student first name on roster export file

Dismissal - prepended classroom tag and teacher name to classroom messages

Dismissal - added ballon of poster name for messages


Admin - restored classroom value on tag print info

Admin - added ability to print carpool group tags

Admin - enforced naming convention for carpool group tags

Admin - group roster report link to student edit page, classroom roster

Admin - export individual group rosters to spreadsheet


Dismissal - fixed bug on group exclusion for student

Dismissal - fixed bug for auto group dismiss in certain settings


Dismissal - updated message parsing to properly accommodate apostrophes


Classroom - classroom student display time bug fix


Sub - corrected time frame selection error Dismissal - corrected incorrect title on van list


Dismissal - buses and vans called at top of desktop view

Dismissal - mark group as dismissed when called when no students assigned


Admin - print tags by classroom includes unassigned selection

Admin - tag print properly formats apostrophes in student names


All - dB changes

Parent - debug fix for parent paid status indicators

Admin - improved account list view

Admin - added row counters on various table lists

Admin - revised 4 up tag printing

Admin - report of students with parent access


Admin - remove parent access

All - link to this page added to revision footer


Dismissal - group messages display group type and group name

Admin - student carpool report by carpool number

Admin - comprehensive group roster report


Admin - classroom roster bug fix

Classroom - dismissal display restricted until set time


Admin - account bulk load bug fix

Classroom - Corrected typo in remove student from roster

Classroom - Override early display error corrected

Dismissal - Override early display error corrected

Admin - regenerate student access code

All - link to terms and conditions on sign in page

Admin - reset security count on password change


Admin - numbered entries on student export report

Admin - adjustable font sizes for school name and student names on tags; added app link information

Admin - App report selection range

Admin - Group Roster Report by Day of Week


Admin - student code report by carpool number

Admin - messages support apostrophes

Parent - modified table to show purchase date


Admin - revised problem report explicit list of mismatch grade students

Admin - handle apostrophes in teacher names

Admin - handle apostrophes in group names

Admin - edit student generate code on edit if blank


Admin - reformat printed tags: page size, student name size, student access codes / school code / server code


Admin - set up system check report

Admin - corrected link to delete students in menu


Parent - add special error code when processing multiple students

Admin - set up check message and set up report


Parent - Update interface files


Admin - multiple student delete on unassigned page

Admin - corrected errors on student delete and student clean up

Admin - corrected error on first gap for new student

Admin - add customer sorting on student list for student and class grade values


Admin - created possible error report

Classroom - correct spelling of Friday on daily selection


Admin - relocate delete student on student edit page

Dismissal - correct error so that early dismissal may be invoked from any page

Admin - show carpool numbers on student add new

Admin - Save and New on add student page


Admin - show classroom display settings

Admin - Edit student support apostrophes

Class - Edit student support apostrophes

Admin - Correct group assignment list on class roster view

Admin - Delete unassigned student from list

Admin - Report of students by carpool number

Admin - Student Export Report


All - responsive image class on sign on page


Admin - retitled Transaction by Date Report

Admin - added Classroom Transaction by Date

All - record user sign in transaction to log


Dismissal - Corrected sort order of carpool numbers in matrix view


Admin - corrected error deleting account


Admin - Menu / Tools / Set Grade Reference link error corrected Admin - Revised Set Grade Reference functionality


Initial production release

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