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Classroom Staff Example Introduction Letter


Replace the <color red>red</color> text with the appropriate values for your school.


Dear classroom staff:

We will now be using an electronic system for end of day dismissal. This system will eliminate audible announcements with written information displayed on classroom computers. Moreover, the system will eliminate information overload by delivering only that data which is applicable to your classroom.

At the end of the day, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Approximately 10 minutes prior to the end of the day sign in to the service at http://<color magenta>schoolcode.dismissalserver</color>.com
    1. Your User ID is of the format <color magenta><first initial><last name> in lower case</color>
    2. Your initial password is <color magenta><last name in lower case></color>
    3. The school code is <color magenta><school code></color>
  2. Designate any students not participating by selecting the A (absent) or E (early departure) on the Students / Participation page
  3. Go to the Home page
  4. When a student names appears on the screen, that is your authorization to release the student from your care for the reason listed. Do not release students prior to their name appear on screen.
  5. As student names appear on the screen designate the action taken
    1. Depart Student is leaving the classroom for the reason shown
    2. Clear Student is not leaving the classroom for the listed reason. May also be used when a student is not present but was not marked as absent or early departure. Must not be used if the student is departing from a different location. If a student on the screen is not under the control of the classroom in which the name appears, do not make either the Depart or Clear entry for the student.
  6. After dismissal has ended for the day, select the Tools / Exit menu option.
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