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Participation View

Participation view displays all of the students in your classroom and allows you to set their status to keep your dismissal accurate and organized. We recommend that the Participation view should be your default page because it should be the first step in your end of the day dismissal process. This is done by the administrator: here is a link for them to see how to change this setting.

How to use Participation View:

Sign in to your Classroom- Silent Dismissal account approximately 10 minutes prior to dismissal.

If participation view is not the default screen, select Student > Participation.

All of the students in your classroom will be displayed with buttons beside them.


P- Present

A- Absent

E- Left Early

This process takes less than a minute, and it will allow dismissal records to be accurate.

Simply select the button that corresponds to the status of each student. Examples: Present: Student is in your classroom or heading to another classroom to be dismissed Absent: Student never attended class for that day. Left Early: Student left the school prior to dismissal time for whatever reason.

Student Information

You can also see information about the student, such as their pick up id and if they are being dismissed in a group. If they do not have a dismissal group, then the box will be blank.

Current Day Override

This function is crucial; it allows you to change the dismissal of the student for the present day. Scenario: A parent calls last minute because they need their student to ride the bus, simply click on the checkmark for the student

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