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Dismissal Staff Best Practices

  1. All students, except those remaining after the end of regular dismissal, should be dismissed via Silent Dismissal either via a parent pick up or a group, including staff students and extended care students.

Carpool Line(s)

  1. Enter the initial parent pick up numbers prior to the display time for the school
    1. This is usually the number of cars already in the student loading locations and an equal number of cars queued next to occupy the loading location. The exact number of cars upstream in the line to enter may only be determined by trial and error.
  2. For schools not using Waves in zones, remain in a fixed location for entering parent pick up ID numbers
  3. For schools using zones, always have an additional zone of information entered on screen, ready for processing when the previous zone moves
  4. If a student has not arrived at the pick up location in the desired time frame, enter the pick up ID number again. This will achieve several results:
    1. move the student to the top of the classroom list
    2. create an historic record that the student required more than one call
    3. will alert the input screen if the student has already departed the classroom
    4. will alert the input screen if the student has already been picked up by someone else

Parent Walk Up Door

  1. Enter parent numbers only from a parent pick up ID tag; do not dismiss any students by allowing parents to provide a pick up number ID for a student


  1. Call for a group only when students should be allowed to leave the classroom for the group. Do not call the group then separately use the intercom to instruct teachers to hold students called

Buses and Vans

  1. Bus and van rosters should be verified before allowing the bus or van to depart the school premises.

Student Departure

  1. Each student leaving the school should have his or her individual student QR code scanned
  2. The scope of the scanning should be as narrow as practical
  3. Students not cleared for departure should be sent back to their classroom

Poor Practices

These actions will have a negative impact on the flow of dismissal and will result in a longer dismissal duration for all parties involved - teachers, other staff, students, and parents. These actions should be avoided at all times.

  • Using a Generic Account. When multiple staff members use the same account for managing dismissal accountability is lost. It becomes impossible to identify which persons may benefit from additional training and guidance necessary to improve the dismissal flow and reduce the overall duration.
  • Entering Pick Up ID Numbers too rapidly. If the pick up IDs are entered more rapidly than students can be loaded into vehicles then the number of students waiting outside will become too large. This results in an unsafe condition for the students and makes the loading of vehicles slower as students begin to socialize rather than watching for their own vehicle.
  • Using the intercom or radio when a student does not arrive. Silent Dismissal should be silent except in the event of a emergency situation. When the process is circumvented through the use of individual student calls outside of Silent Dismissal it becomes impossible to correctly evaluate the status of dismissal to make long term improvements.
  • Ignoring the Current Day Group Roster. Students may have an override for the current day to keep them from riding on a bus or a van; conversely they may have an override to ride a specific bus or van. For this reason it is imperative to ensure that the students getting on the bus correspond to the dismissal roster for the current day. Do not take the assurances from any student; the information as recorded in Silent Dismissal determines where a student should go at the end of the day.
  • Allow Parents to Provide IDs Verbally. Sometimes a parent from another family will be under the mistaken impression that they should pick up their own children along with some other children. If a parent is authorized to pick up other children then the student override should reflect this or the parent should be in possession of the pick up ID placard. Additionally, some parents are not allowed to pick up their own children due to a court order. By using the Pick Up ID number placard exclusively these problems may be avoided.
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