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Dismiss Students Early to Office

Using a group type of Immediate, it is possible to summon students to the office, or any other defined location, prior to the start of normal dismissal for the purpose of distributing special items or information.

Set Up

Some initial set up is required, but this only needs to be done one time.


Any location to which students will need to be directed prior to normal dismissal needs to be defined. Follow these steps:

  1. Groups / Location
  2. New
  3. Set
    1. Location Name: <example: Office>
    2. Text Color: <desired text color>
  4. Save


A group of type Immediate is required to assign students. Follow these steps:

  1. Group / New
  2. Set
    1. Group Type: Immediate
    2. Group Name: <example: Special>
    3. Text Color: <desired text color, should likely match location text color above>
    4. Location: <select the location defined above>
    5. Automatic Post: optionally set up the immediate group to post at the same time each day of the week. For example, if regular dismissal occurs at 3:15 PM, you may wish to set this value to 3:08 PM for each week day. See cautionary notes at the end of this page
  3. Save

Daily Usage

Remove Prior Students

All students from previous days must be removed from the group prior to adding students for the current day.

  1. Groups / Immediate
  2. Click on the Group Name, e.g., Special
  3. Set the Check Box for “Permanently Remove ALL Students from this group”
  4. Type YES in the confirmation field
  5. Save

Assign Students for Day

  1. If not already open from above, follow steps 1 and 2 in the instructions for removing students to open up the group edit page
  2. Locate the students to be added for the current day in the Assign Students section of the page
  3. Click on the rightmost check box - the “A” value in the “O / W / A” choices to assign the student to the group for every day. Using this option is the simplest method to ensure the children are assigned for the current day

Call the Students in the Group

This step must be performed by a dismissal account user.


If the group has been set up with an automatic dismissal time for the current day of the week, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign in with a Dismissal type user account
  2. Select the Desktop view
  3. If the dismissal time set for the group has already passed,the group will be dismissed immediately upon navigating to the Desktop view; if it has not yet passed, keep an open browser window with the Desktop view active and the group will dismiss at the assigned time


This procedure may be used when an automatic dismissal time has not been set or when it is desirable to summon the group prior to the preset time

  1. Sign in with a Dismissal type user account
  2. Option 1
    1. Select the Desktop view
    2. Locate the group name on the left side of the screen in the Groups area
    3. Click on the group name
  3. Option 2
    1. Select the Group Dismissal view
    2. Locate the group name in the left column
      1. If the name is in the right column, then the group has already been called
    3. Click on the group name

List of Students Notified

It is possible to review the list of students notified for the special instructions and to determine if the students have received the message:

  1. Sign in with a Dismissal type user account
  2. Select the Group Load view
  3. Select the specific group from the drop down list at the top right
  4. The list of all notified students will appear in alphabetical order including an indicator as to whether or not they have acknowledged the message (green hourglass) or have not acknowledged the message (red X)
  5. As each student arrives and is provided with the necessary information or items, click on the Load button to record the time the student was given the information

Cautionary Notes

Transactions in Silent Dismissal are processed as they occur but do not retroactively affect students who are added to a group. For this reason it is important that the sequence for processing students for navigation prior to regular dismissal be performed in a rigorous manner:

  1. Clear the previous group assignment list
  2. Add current students to group assignment list
  3. Call the group to initiate the process
  4. Review the list of called students to ensure that any students with an explicit dismissal are not missed

Explicit Students

Students who have been designated during the day for an explicit dismissal reason will not be notified in the classroom for this immediate group when it is called. Using the Group Load view will assist in identifying any student who needs to be notified using a method outside of Silent Dismissal

Group Assignment Time

If a student is added to the group after the group has been called for the day, either manually or automatically, that student will not be called simply because the student was added to the group. Those students who need to be added to the group after the group has been called may be added but the group must be manually dismissed again for the additional student name(s) to appear in the classroom

Multiple Calls

If the group is called multiple times the display in the classroom will show the last workflow status for the student. For example, if a child is called and marked as departed, subsequent calls for that student, ostensibly for them to again go the office, will be displayed in the classroom as Departed. Similarly, once marked as Loaded in the front office, if called again on the same day, the student status will remain as loaded so the student will not appear on the Group Load view.

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