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Extended Care Pre Selection Configuration

Student Configuration

Only students with an active extended care (ECL) license may participate in scheduling for extended care services.

Navigate to EXTENDED CARE / STUDENTS to assign students to extended care up to the limit of the number of available licenses.

Configure for Scheduled Extended Care

To set the configuration for scheduled students in extended care, navigate to EXTENDED CARE / SETTINGS. Set the value for Student Admission to Students Pre Scheduled for Service then click the Save button.

Create Extended Care Groups

Each distinct extended care group must be defined in advance of checking students into the group. Extended care groups include, at a minimum, these parameters:

  1. Group Name
  2. Daily Cost
  3. End Time (Late Time)
  4. Late Time Rate (per minute)

To create or edit an extended care group, navigate to GROUPS / EXTENDED CARE: EXTENDED CARE

Click on the group name of an existing group to modify it or click on New to create a new extended care group


It is common to have at least three distinct extended care groups for after school, potentially another for morning care, and possibly a fifth for days that service is provided when school either not in session or is in session for less than a full school day.

  • Normal Extended Care
    • Full Price, e.g., $15.00
    • End Time, e.g., 6:00 PM
    • Late Rate: $1.50 per minute
  • Enrichment Extended Care, for students in an enrichment class for a portion of the extended care period
    • Lower Price, e.g., $10.00
    • End Time, e.g., 6:00 PM
    • Late Rate: $1.50 per minute
  • Longer Extended Care, for days that school dismisses earlier than normal
    • Higher Price, e.g., $20.00
    • End Time, e.g., 6:00 PM
    • Late Rate: $1.50 per minute
  • Drop In Extended Care, for students that require extended care on a day not signed up or paid for in advance
    • High Price, e.g., $35.00
    • End Time, e.g., 6:00 PM
    • Late Rate: $1.50 per minute

It may be necessary to create even more extended care groups to reflect different prices for other configurations such as Longer Extended Care plus Enrichment, Drop In plus Enrichment (parent had planned to pick up student following enrichment but did not arrive on time); Enrichment Only (possibly $0.00 fee but an earlier end time and a different overate rate of $0.75 per minute), and so on.

There is no limit to the number of extended care groups that may be configured to match the individual needs of each school.

Create Service Date Range

A service date range defines:

  • the dates in which some form of extended care will be offered
  • the start date that a parent may begin selecting services for the period (Open Date)
  • the last date that a parent may make changes for the service date range (Close Date)
  • the date that the parent may first obtain a finalized invoice for the service date range
  • the date that the invoice payment is due
  • the late charge per student that will be applied to late payments

To define a service date range, navigate to EXTENDED CARE / SERVICE DATES, then select the green New button to define a service date range.

By default the dates will be populated with values for the next month if no ranges exist or for the month following the most recent date range that exists. Any of the dates may be manually overridden to match the requirements of the specific school.

After completing the entry of the dates, click the Save button to create the service date group.

Once the service date group has been created, it is necessary to define which services will be offered on each date.

Define Services Offered on Specific Dates in Range

Return to the list of defined service date ranges by clicking on the List button at the top of the Edit Extended Care Service Date Group or by navigating to EXTENDED CARE / SERVICE DATES.

On the list, click the icon in the Set column for the range to set the services for each date in the range.

Each date in the range is listed in chronological order with a list of all of the extended care groups that have been defined.

Saturdays are highlighted in yellow and Sundays are highlighted in red.

To offer a service on a given date, click the check box adjacent to the service in the row for the listed date. Services that have already been configured will show a check mark in the check box.

Each change of the check box from unchecked to checked will establish the service as being available on that date; there is no requirement to save the form after it has been completed.

Each change fo the check box from checked to unchecked will immediately remove the listed service from the selected date. It is extremely important to not remove service offerings after the parent open date. Removing a service offering after parents have chosen the offering will create data inconsistencies and invoice errors.

Changing the Service Date Range

If the service date range is to be changed during or after the open enrollment period, then it is imperative to perform these steps:

  1. Change the open date range to prevent parents from subscribing
  2. View the cart for the date range as it is currently defined
  3. Remove any assignments made by parents for days that are to be excluded from the revised date range
  4. Revise the service date range to the newly desired dates then reenable the open enrollment by adjusting those dates
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