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Canceling Subscription in iTunes

If you have purchased an All Access pass that you do not want, you have 90 days to cancel.

  1. Sign in to your iTunes account. This may require two factor authentication, depending upon your personal settings
  2. Click on the Purchases main tab
  3. Find the entry / entries for Silent Dismissal All Access
  4. Click on Report a Problem
  5. Select the problem reason: Didn't Mean to Purchase
  6. Enter a description if desired
  7. Click on the Submit button

Obtaining a refund will deactivate your All Access account. If you have purchased multiple subscriptions you may wish to have one remain active. If you have problems with being unable to use All Access features, please contact us at Please include your school name, the e-mail address that you registered your account, and indicate that you are using an iPhone.

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