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Configure Notifications Android

Access the Notifications Selection Screen

  • With All Access
    • Navigate to the home screen
    • Click gear icon adjacent to the messages section
  • All users
    • Open the menu from the icon in the top left corner
    • Select Profile
    • Select the Notification Settings from the bottom the page

Configuring Access


The E-Mail setting is distinct from all other settings regarding operation. When the E-Mail setting is turned on notifications will be sent via e-mail when an All Access sign in is not active.

Persons without an All Access subscription may still receive notifciations in this manner and persons with All Access will have notifications roll over to e-mail when they sign out or the current sign in session otherwise becomes inactive.

All Other Settings

  • Participation
  • Arrival
  • Classroom
  • Dismissal
  • Depart
  • Clear
  • Mark
  • Load
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