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If you are viewing this page it is usually because you are a new Silent Dismissal client.

This page describes the major steps to begin using Silent Dismissal.

If you have been directed to this page, you are part way through the getting started process.


In order to function, Silent Dismissal requires specific information from your school. The information can usually be exported to a spreadsheet from a combination of internal school documents and your student information system.

The exact format of the data is described on the Spreadsheet File Format Page.

Prepare this data then send it to Silent Dismissal electronically or load it yourself using the Bulk Load option under the Accounts, Groups, and Students menu items available to administrators.

Staff Instructions

The roles of classroom instructor and dismissal staff are relatively easy to perform provided some basic operational methods are followed.

Quick start documents will assist in training teachers and dismissal staff.

Also check out the best practices guides for Classroom and Dismissal Staff.

Administrators typically require a short, less than 1 hour, teleconference to assist in their use of the application.

Parent Placards

Pick Up IDs, or Parent Placards, are required for parents to pick up students from the school. Read about creating them.

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