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July 2015

Tag Font Sizes

Addition to the parent car tag printing configuration to change the font size of the school name and the student names on the tags. Default values are shown based upon tag layout. Adjust the values up or down to find the appropriate size for the specific school name.

System Set Up Report

Overview of the major items required to begin using Silent Dismissal with steps to be performed to accomplish the task. Includes steps for:

  • Creating staff accounts
  • Creating student records
  • Creating student groups
  • Creating predefined messages

Possible Error Report

Top level view of data that reports on possible problems. None of the entries may be actual problems, but it is the responsibility of the administrator to ensure that each value is considered.

Available Carpool Number

Adding new students just got easier with information on available carpool numbers shown at the top of the Students / New page.

  • Next Lower: one less than the lowest numbered carpool in use. If the lowest number in use is one (1), this will show not available (N/A).
  • First Gap: the lowest unused integer between the lowest assigned number and the highest assigned number. If all numbers are contiguous, this will show not available (N/A).
  • Next Highest: one more than the highest number currently in use.
  • Carpool: when the Save & New button is pressed, the Carpool field will display the number previously entered. Useful when adding multiple students from the same family.


Fixed the display of apostrophes in student names, group names, and messages.

Student Export

View all current students currently assigned to the school. Export feature makes it easy to move student records from one Silent Dismissal site to another, particularly for our clients that have two instances for either primary / elementary or elementary / middle schools.

Classroom Transaction Report

View all transactions for a single classroom in this report. Easier to use than the complete transaction report when only interested in a single classroom.

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