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August 2015

Renewal Alert

Administrator accounts will now receive on screen messages when the opportunity to renew service for a discount is available or when the current service term is near expiration.


Revisions have been made to the keypad view to increase the size of some fonts and the on screen contrast to provide for better visibility in daylight.

Carpool Group Type

The group type of “Carpool” has been confusing for some clients.

Carpool groups are associations of students with different carpool numbers who occasionally or regularly are picked up together. Carpool groups may be created that include students from the separate families. Now, all groups of type “Carpool” must have a name that is an integer greater than or equal to 5000.

Carpool parent tags may now be printed to be passed out to those carpool groups in addition to the default student carpool ID.

Parent Access Report

New reports to show parent participation with Silent Dismissal.

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